14 March 2011

Are we ready for this?

Sitting in the hairdressers recently, leafing through the magazines at leisure wondering who the hell these 'celebrities' are, I was amused to see how much retro is back.  I only get to read the 'low and high end' magazines at my infrequent visits to Babara at Hair Lobby in the marina in Cascais as they are far too expensive to buy here - the cheapest is around 6 euros and the majority over 8 euros - so it is my catch up with the outside world!  Barbara is always amused at my giggling at fashion or lack of it in the cheaper magazines but she does have Good Housekeeping which is a good antidote to the orange, gold and 'inflated' people in Hello.

Her salon, although small, is light, airy and modern with a beauty salon incorporated. It is in a lovely position at the side of the marina and in windy weather, you are serenaded by the clanking of all the masts of the gorgeous boats moored up here.  It is rumoured to have the most expensive fees in Europe!!

Hair Lobby Salon in the marina in Cascais

The view from the salon

Juding by the amount of 'retro' being featured in the magazines, we might well be seeing things we thought might have vanished (hopefully) all over again.  I know that fashion goes in cycles but the idea of wearing tank tops and loons again does not thrill me.  It would be nice to see a well dressed holidaymaker rather than the 'blobs' - male and female - that seem to be a sad feature beachside all over the world.  It would be lovely to see a return to when people seem to have a care in their appearance - the fashion for scruffy is not a good look on young or old and the tracksuit/football attire look, has never, ever worked on anyone.  However, I have wandered from my original topic of retro.

Remember these, which were on everyone's hit list for mothers one Christmas?

Get those onions chopped

No need for missing buttons with one of these

What else might come back into our lives. If we are going back in time, how about going back to this?  No good dinner party was without one being proudly pushed into the dining room with panache.

The Hostess Trolley

For all aspiring hostesses - the trusty fondue set

I then mused on.  Would certain odours return in full force?  Would women be throwing themselves across crowded rooms and across streets in search of the man wearing

Splash it all over!!!

I thought I was really sophisticated when I wore the following which I believe is still available but probably to elderly spinsters!   In my defence, I was under 10 at the time.

As I got older I moved to Yardley and Goya

Yardley's Sea Jade

Goya's Aqua Manda with its lovely orange scent

False eyelashes never really go out of fashion but I see the 'elf and safety has caused the demise of the 'spit' mascara!

.Now drinks-wise, what about these lovely concoctions?

I seem to remember this being a ghastly port colour and pretty vile

Another headache inducing drink marketed as 'wine'

A brandy and Babycham was the height of sophistication for some.  I thought it was like brandy and Andrews!

Anyone for a snowball with glace cherry?

The boys were more likely to be drinking such wonders as

Not if you drank 10 pints of it - I am told by a man in the know. Or there was


Watney's Red Barrel - rumoured to keep fish alive!

What about a return to frothy coffee as served up regulary in my coffee bar, The Cavendish on Queen Victoria Street, Macclesfield.  I suppose that would be a capuccino these days.

One thing about getting older is the way you can annoy younger people by telling them that you either wore it first, heard it first or knew the person who performed it first.  Best of all, being old enough to tell a 4 year old portuguese child, that Noddy was around when I was her age!  Bliss.

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