22 August 2012

The tram is back but you will need to be quick to catch it

During the summer it is nice to hear the little tram trundling along the line at the bottom of our valley.  However this year it has been delayed due to a tree falling on the line at the beginning of the year, and then the stealing of copper from the overhead lines.  This has meant that it only came into service about two weeks ago and will only be running until the end of September.

I think it is very sad that it is not something that runs for a longer period.  Normally it starts around June and finishes at the end of September or beginning of October but it only runs on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday unless it is hired out privately. I would love to see it running as often as possible as it is only 2 euros to travel from Sintra to Praia das Macas or 2 euros from Praia das Macas to Sintra.

The terminus at Praia das Macas.

Leaving Praia das Macas heading for Colares

The journey is about 40 minutes and trundles along at a fair pace but not so fast that you cannot thoroughly enjoy the views through the valley and the hills surrounding the Monserrate Palace.  At times it veers off around the backs of houses and you get a good view of gardens and if quick enough, you might be able to scrump a lemon from an overhanging tree or two.

Leaving the terminus at Sintra and being out-raced by a bride and groom!

The view from the front as you leave Sintra

Interior of the open sided tram

The controls

View of main road from Sintra to Colares

Just about to change sides to head for Colares

If you get a chance, do try it.  The trams run fairly regularly in both directions and more information can be found at www.cm-sintra.pt.  This is the main website for Sintra.  There is an option for English - just click on the Union Jack symbol and then the option for Tourism and Culture and you will find lots to see and do in Sintra along with the details of the timetable of the tram.


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