28 September 2012

Hooray. The tram is running until the end of October

Yesterday whilst driving up to Sintra, I noticed workmen doing some work on the lines.  I thought it strange as the tram had finished its shortened stint at the end of last week.

Today I heard the familiar sounds of it trundling along in the valley below me and had a quick check on a fellow blogger's site (www.riodasmacas.blogspot.com) and saw that someone has had the sense to continue the tram until 28 October.  Wonderful news.

So for those who have not travelled on it yet this year, or are visiting Sintra, please, please do take a trip along the line from Sintra to Praia das Macas and enjoy the wonderful views.

It would be even better news, if the tram could run all year unless the weather was too bad.  There are tourists in the autumn, winter and spring after all!

Here's the new timetable:

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